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Best Google Drive Alternatives To Try for Storage Space


Best Google Drive Alternatives To Try for Storage Space

Google Drive is a very convenient data storage cloud, but it got many flaws that violate your privacy. Things like Scanning your data for updating your profile, violating user privacy, and giving access to different devices with your account to access data. Actions like these put your data at risk as anyone can access your data. So here, I will tell you some trusted and reliable storage clouds that can act as an alternative to Google Drive for Storage space.

  1. DropboxDropbox is a  very famous and trustable Cloud storage platform and storage cloud after Google Drive. It is owned by Dropbox Inc., and is mostly used in Androids but can be used in Windows and iOS too. It creates a special folder in your head device which is synced to Dropbox servers. It does allow other devices to get synced to the platform but for accessing the folder we need to connect the device to the head device, wired or wireless. Its requirements for windows are Windows above 7, for Android are above Android 6, iOS require iOS 12 or above.
  2. comIt is another famous and free data storage cloud that is very good for data privacy. It was founded by the company Sync in 2011. It is available on Windows, iOS and Android too just like Dropbox. One of the best things about this cloud is its privacy factor, as it gives zero-knowledge encryption which means that the service provider does not know your data. Also, it does not allow other devices without head device permission to access the data saved in the cloud. It requires Windows 7 or above, iOS 10.6 or above and Android 6.
  3. OneDriveNow this is another famous and trusted Cloud platform. It also comes pre-installed on devices, the reason for its fame is because its founder company is none other than Microsoft and it usually also comes with Microsoft 365 plan. As being a Microsoft product its availability in iOS is limited, so it is only available on iPhone and iPad. It works not so different from Google Drive but is more secure over the user’s privacy as it uses two-factor authentication and zero-knowledge encryption, just like Sync.

So these are some cloud storages that can be used as alternatives to Google Drive. If you wish to change it then I strongly recommend any one of these three. Also, all three of these are free for use and offer almost 5 of GB storage. So if changing your cloud, choose one of them.

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