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Best Alternatives Antivirus For Kaspersky Antivirus after ban – 2022


Best Alternatives Antivirus For Kaspersky Antivirus after ban – 2022

Kaspersky was a very good antivirus that was used in both Windows and Mac OS, but after the United States’s the Homeland security department banned the use of any products of Kaspersky labs in 2017 because they had allegations of working with Russia’s Federal security service, it’s sales were down and reputation was ruined, but many people who used Kaspersky had to switch to other Antivirus. So for people like them. allow me to tell you about some trustable and good antiviruses in the year 2022 that can replace Kaspersky as your main antivirus.

  1. McAfeeA famous and trustable antivirus that sometimes even comes pre-installed on the device, it has been running since 1987 by McAfee Corporation and has gotten better with every update. It has a 100% detection rate. It costs $39.99 for the first year but you can take a 1 month free trial which is free of cost. It is available on PC, Android and iOS.
  2. AVG AntivirusAVG(Anti-Virus Guard) is the most famous and used Antivirus of all time. It was founded in 1991 by Avast and has been able to raise its sales from 2000. It is available on Windows, macOS and Android. The antivirus has gotten this its trust due to the Privacy policies as it does not have any knowledge of the user’s data and is still able to scan through the device without any detection left.
  3. BitDefenderBitdefender was launched in 2001 and quickly made itself one of the best antiviruses. Its free edition was just launched on 1 January 2022, which increased its users even more. As it is not so old for an antivirus, Bitdefender is aware of and precautions against all the malware and threats the web has nowadays. And as with all other anti-viruses above, this is also available on Windows PC, macOS and Android devices.


So these are all some of the best antiviruses in 2022 that are better and can be replaced by Kaspersky.

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